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Warme Handen - Warm Hands

Warme Hands – Estonian Mittens and Wrist Warmers by Carla Meijsen and Hilly van der Sluis (The Dutch Knitters).

Carla Meijsen and Hilly van der Sluis have conducted extensive research on the knitting traditions of Estonia. Over the course of multiple literature reviews and two study tours, they became inspired by the wealth of knitting that Estonia has to offer and want to introduce the world of traditional Estonian knitting to knitters in the Netherlands and abroad.

Estonia is one of the most richly filled treasure-troves of traditional knitting techniques in Europe. Estonian mittens have beautiful motifs, special cast-ons and decorative borders. These specific Estonian knitting techniques are a treat for any knitter and are the prefect addition to the knitting repertoire of many a knitter.

The book contains thirteen designs for mittens and wrist warmers. All patterns are provided with clear charts and additional information. The specific Estonian techniques that are used are described in detail and provided with many photos. Discover the world of Estonian knitting, learn new techniques, and knit along with The Dutch Knitters!

Publication date: 27 October 2011
Language: Dutch/English
ISBN / EAN 978 90 8179 550 0

Price 18 euro

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