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  Class - Brioche Knitting

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For knitters with at least half a year of knitting experience! 

Nancy Marchant, Queen of Brioche, recently published a book dedicated entirely to the brioche stitch. Many people only know the brioche stitch traditionally as a practical stitch for a shawl or hat. This however doesn’t do justice to the countless stitch combinations on the basis of Brioche stitch and two- or three coloured Brioche stitches that offer a source of new applications. In many cases the Brioche stitch can be used in reversible knitting, which makes this stitch very suitable for shawls, cuffs and collars in sweaters and cardigans.

Brioche Knitting

Brioche stitch knitting is completely different from common knitting. Advanced knitters too will have to get acquainted with new techniques, terminology and symbols. Therefore it is an inspiring new challenge for a group of knitters ready for a refreshing new prespective on knitting.

In this class we discuss the basic principles of the Brioche stitch, variations and the multicoloured Brioche stitch, perfect casting on and casting off methods, edge stitches, decreases and increases. If time allows we will also try to make a cable in Brioche stitch.

The classes are given in Dutch but it is often possible for English-speaking knitters to participate in the class. Please, consult The Dutch Knitters in advance.

terms for participation

Check the Agenda for places and dates of this class and enter by phone at the location of your choice.