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  Class - Traditional Haapsalu shawls - the modern version

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For knitters with at least one year of knitting experience!

Estonia is known for its beautiful lace knitted shawls from, among other places, the Haapsalu region. There are traditional square and rectangular shawls consisting of a patterned centre section, a garter stitch frame and a lace edge. Also the triangular shawls originated from this shawl design. As time went by simplifications of the traditional methods took place.

Examples Estonian  lace knitting

During this class you will be taught the modern construction of several shawl forms. We will work on methods to knit the edge to the centre panel of traditional shawls, knitting triangular shawls and the specific Estonian ways of casting on, edge stitches and casting off.

We will knit a square and a triangular mini shawl in which all these techniques will be used. Instead of sewing the lace edge to the centre panel, the far easier and more modern method of knitting the edge onto the centre panel will be taught. This way in the corners the lace edge can be knit onto the centre panel in pattern.

If you want to learn the traditional way of knitting Haapsalu shawls, I refer to the class Estonian Lace - Traditional Haapsalu shawls.

The classes are given in Dutch but it is often possible for English-speaking knitters to participate in the class. Please, consult The Dutch Knitters in advance.

terms for participation

Check the Agenda for places and dates of this class and enter by phone at the location of your choice.