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  Course - Advanced Knitting (Het Betere Breiwerk)

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Granting certificates at Breipunt in Stiphout/Helmond december 2016

Starting point
Main thread in this course is the knitting stitch. In the first lesson the stitch will be examined and discussed. To come to a better insight in how a stitch determines what the knitting will look like, we will discuss Western versus Eastern knitting, twisted stitches, Combination Knitting and knitting methods with the yarn over the left or the right finger or around the neck.
In the lessons to follow we will constantly return to the basis of knitting: the stitch. This way a better insight is gained in the techniques and the characteristics of knitting. Because in the lessons the emphasis is on the basic principles of knitting the students will understand techniques faster and will be able to solve knitting problems better.

Contents of the course
Good knitting and finishing techniques make the difference between ‘handmade’ and ‘real handcraft’. In this course you will learn the finer details of hand knitting, so your knittings will look like real handcraft. We will discuss knitting methods, casting on, casting of, finishing techniques, increasing and decreasing, lace knitting, short rows, cable techniques, possibilities and limitations of material and tools and the use of patterns in other languages.

Het Betere Breiwerk (Advanced Knitting) is not a single class but a complete curriculum for the experienced knitter. Participants can communicate with each other through a community especially set up for this course. Also the assignments, exercise material and additional information will be given in this group.

The maximum number of participants is eight to ten. The fee is € 345,- including materials (value approx. € 40,-), teaching materials, coffee, tea and cakes. The course is given on Wednesday Monday evenings in eight lessons of three hours each.
With sufficient presence and commitment you will receive a certificate after the course.

You can be placed on the waiting list by sending an email to giving the following information:
- name
- address and phone number (also a mobile number)
- knitting experience
- e-mail address

Do you want to sign up for this course or do you want to be kept informed of future developments in Het Betere Breiwerk (Advanced Knitting)?
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