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  Class - Magic Motifs

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  • Design personal knitting motifs with magic and vedic squares
  • Latvian knitting traditions

For knitters with at least half a year of knitting experience! Also you need to be able to knit in the round on sock needles or, if you prefer, a circular needle.

More information on Magic Motifs and how I discovered this technique in Latvia: Life 'n Knitting

Magic Motifs

Create personal knitting motifs using magic squares
During a trip to the Baltic state of Latvia in May 2016, I found a magical way to create personal motives based on dates, numbers, names or words. In November 2018 I published my book on this subject: Magic Motifs.

The method is based on ancient mathematical principles. Because of the way they are generated, they contain an invisible personal message. Often beautiful shapes and variations are created with endless possibilities. The motifs can be used for various purposes, such as knitting, embroidering or graphic design.
The results are verified on the spot with the computer program I developed for the automatic generation of the Magic Motifs.

During this workshop you will learn the basic principles behind the magic and vedic squares and methods to convert letters to numbers. I show many examples of the possibilities on how to apply the motifs in different ways.
You make your own magic and vedic square, translate the letters of your name or a word into numbers and make at least of one self-chosen word or number a Magic Motif.
The results of the students are checked on the spot with the computer program I made for generating Magic Motifs.

I will also tell you about the Latvian knitting culture and traditions and show you original Latvian knitwear and knitting books. You will learn some typical Latvian knitting techniques, including a traditional Latvian cast on and the Latvian Relief Stitch.
If time permits I will demonstrate knitting a Latvian beaded wrist warmer with Magic Motif.

Magic Motifs

The classes are given in Dutch but it is often possible for English-speaking knitters to participate in the class. Please, consult The Dutch Knitters in advance.

terms for participation

Check the Agenda for places and dates of this class and enter by phone at the location of your choice.