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  Class - Twined Knitting Advanced Techniques

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For knitters with at least half a year of knitting experience! Participants are required to have done Twined Basis Techniques.

The course consists of two classes (Twined Knitting Basic and Advanced Techniques). If you only want to learn the basic techniques you can choose to participate in Twined Knitting Basic Techniques only. In order to enter for Twined Knitting Advanced Techniques you must have done the Basic Techniques first (or after having consulted Carla if you think you have sufficient experience in twined knitting).

Twined Knitting is a traditional Scandinavian knitting technique that was used very regularly in the 17th century in Sweden. Two strands are used that are constantly twined at the back of the work. This ensures a more firm, stronger and especially warmer knitwear than can be achieved with the usual knitting techniques. By purling the stitches with one or both strands you can make beautiful patterns. By the way, using one colour gives a very different effect from using two colours.
In this class you will learn the basic principles and stitches used in Twined Knitting. We will discuss the specific characteristics of working with one or two colours.

Examples Twined Knitting

In the class Twined Knitting Advanced Techniques you will learn to decrease and increase in one and two-colour knitting. In order to be able to knit mittens it is important to learn to master several methods for putting in the thumb (without holes!). You will learn to knit in motifs with two or three colours. Changing these colours gives nice effects, so if time allows, we will tackle this technique as well.

The technique twined knitting is often used in small projects such as mittens and hats. We will start knitting mittens with the use of a new cast-on method. Participants will receive the pattern for the 'Hannele' mittens and cap.

The classes are given in Dutch but it is often possible for English-speaking knitters to participate in the class. Please, consult The Dutch Knitters in advance.

terms for participation

Check the Agenda for places and dates of this class and enter by phone at the location of your choice.