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  Class - Vintage Socks and Stockings

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For knitters with at least a year of knitting experience! 

Sock knitting is the trend. Even young knitters consider it the ultimate challenge to knit the perfect sock.

In Vintage Socks and Stockings the focus is on knitting socks in the traditional way (starting with the leg), kitchener stitch (grafting the toe) and antique sock patterns. We use elements from old knitting pattern books to achieve knitting the perfect traditional sock. Of course attention will be paid to preventing small holes at the corners of the heel. I will show you antique socks and examples of darning and grafting techniques from my own collection.

I will also give some information on beautiful toes and heels from the period around 1900.

We won't knit a complete sock during the class. The class is aimed at learning several techniques in order for you to be able to knit socks yourself.

Bring with you: left-over sock yarn, a set of five sock needles size 2.5 mm and a circular needle size 2.5 mm - length 100 or 120 cm. Sock needles, circular needles, yarn and accessories can also be bought at the yarn shop on the day itself.

Practical to bring with you: scissors, tape measure, darning needle, stitch markers, pen and paper. An extra set of sock needles and a circular needle can come in handy but they are not necessary. You can leave your samples on the needles this way and take them home with you.

The classes are given in Dutch but it is often possible for English-speaking knitters to participate in the class. Please, consult The Dutch Knitters in advance.

terms for participation

Check the Agenda for places and dates of this class and enter by phone at the location of your choice.